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Unstoppable Confidence

Dec 29, 2021

Key points of this episode:
- Empathy as a mindset. This is a decision that you have to make every time when we interact with other humans.
- Understanding the feelings of another is much broader than we think.
- Is it possible to understand others' feelings if we don't understand our own?
- Think of growth as something...

Dec 22, 2021

Key points of this episode:

- Focus on what are your gifts and your passions.

- What is the key to success? Persistence and Brand Awareness.

- Don't let the discouragement hold you down!

- The 1 thing that you can handle is the feeling for more: that's your motivation.

- Think SO BIG that you weird yourself out!


Dec 15, 2021

Key points of this episode:

- Your story is WORTH sharing!

- No matter how old we are, we can always combat and overcome ourselves.

- Advice for staying strong: LOVE YOURSELF. Believe in yourself and be self-centered with who you are.



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Dec 8, 2021

Key points of this episode:
- When starting a business, confidence is a building block of everything. This will give you tools to trust in your ability to figure it out.
- How to know where you're going?
START and clarity will come from the action!
- Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and learn from them.
- Who...

Dec 1, 2021


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Key points of this episode:
- What is it like for a woman to serve in the military?
- Do we as women need to prove to men what are we capable of. Is that the only way of earning their respect?
- Is it possible to fit into an...